Susan Boyle like a 'virus'

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  • 28 January 2010
Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle like a 'virus'

Susan Boyle's idol Elaine Paige has described the Scottish singer as ''virus'' who has taken over the world

Elaine Paige has branded Susan Boyle a "virus".

The musical singer - who recorded a track with Susan for her album and duetted with her on television special 'I Dreamed A Dream: The Susan Boyle Story' - doesn't feel any pride for Susan's achievements just because she came from nowhere and conquered the charts.

Speaking of Susan, Elaine, 61, said: "She was like a virus, really, that spread across the world in a nanosecond.

"She is a girl with no experience of anything to do with theatrics, the music business, or art in any way.

"I don't particularly feel any pride for her - I'm sure she is proud of what she has done."

The criticism is bound to hurt Susan - whose first appearance on 'Britain's Got Talent' was a YouTube sensation - all the more as she has maintained from her very first public audition that Elaine is her idol, and she has always aspired to be like her.

Elaine added to the Daily Mail newspaper: "It's all about turning someone into an immediate celebrity at the expense of longevity and working hard and experience.

"Susan Boyle is doing terribly well considering she literally came to the attention of the world overnight with the advent of YouTube."

Elaine was also sceptical as to whether 48-year-old Susan - who was the biggest selling artist of last year in the UK and the US, selling over five million copies of her debut album 'I Dreamed A Dream' - can sustain her phenomenal success.

When asked if she thought the 'Wild Horses' singer will continue to ride high in the charts.

Elaine said: "That's a good question. She is a major star because of YouTube. Longevity is gained through knowledge, experience and effort so it will remain to be seen.

"When I started, YouTube didn't exist but even then with 15 years of experience prior to my success with 'Evita' it was difficult, so I admire the way she handled her sudden success.

"'Britain's Got Talent' and 'The X Factor' just take a bunch of people from real life who think they can sing and try and turn them into overnight 'stars' with a couple of songs. It's not entertainment."

Susan Boyle

The Britain's Got Talent surprise hit is out promoting her fourth album Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from the Stage.

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