Five Things You Might Not Know About: Dave Gorman

Five Things You Might Not Know About: Dave Gorman

1 Born in sunny Stafford in 1971, Dave Gorman dropped out of Manchester Uni while studying mathematics to get into stand-up.

2 He eventually became bored of the basic set-up/punchline joke form, so set himself projects to pursue and see if comedy could come out of those. These ‘concept’ shows included Better World where he wrote anonymous letters to 2000 local newspapers to request suggestions from readers on ways in which life could be improved and then tried them out. His breakthrough show was Are You Dave Gorman? which was inspired by a drunken bet with flatmate Danny Wallace (the Dundonian of Yes Man and How to Start Your Own Country fame) which resulted in the pair heading across the globe to track down 54 Dave Gormans (the figure was based on a pack of cards, plus jokers). The quest was recreated via a stage show, book and TV series.

3 Gorman did the voice-over for some Homebase ads.

4 A character in Neighbours was named Dave Gorman after some of the sun-soaked soap’s writers came to see him perform in Melbourne. Ramsay Street’s DG lasted all of two episodes, the highlight of which was being accused of stealing a bike.

5 His name is an anagram of ‘Nomad Grave’. If you’re being more formal with his forename, you could also have ‘Mr Odd Vagina’. Now, let’s see you do a documentary-style comedy stage show/book/TV spin-off about that.

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Mon 15 Feb.

Dave Gorman: Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up

Following the success of his 33-date national tour where he cycled from venue to venue, Dave Gorman is continuing with the venture - except he's dropped the cycling part, the lazy lump. At least this time he'll be able to concentrate his attention on making you laugh, as opposed to blisters and the soreness of his saddle.

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