Five reasons to go see . . . tUnE-yArDs

Five reasons to go see . . . tUnE-yArDs

1: She’s well monikered
Yes, that lower-case/upper-case thing is kind of annoying, but we’ll forgive tUnE-YaRdS because her real name is just great: Merrill Garbus sounds like she’s stepped straight out of the script of a Coen Brothers film, no?

2: She’s as DIY as they come
She recorded album BiRd-BrAiNs (yup, that again) using a dictaphone and sound editing shareware program, Audacity. Live, she layers up sounds using a looper pedal, and yes we know that everyone’s doing that these days but we
like how she does it.

3: She’s got tunes
By the yard With her incredible voice that can go from soulful R&B purr to deranged snarl in the space of a line, she’ll sing you wonky, acerbic nursery rhymes (‘JumpingJack’), some kind of voodoo chant (‘Hatari’) and the most anthemic use of a ukulele we’ve heard in a long time (‘FIYA’).

4: She’s bonkers
In her own words, she sounds like: ‘Your mom when she gets really mad but instead of whoopin’ yo’ ass she starts making crazy-ass beats with the pots and pans AND yo’ ass.’

5: Indie cred points
It’s the perfect way to impress your hipster Valentine. And don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you if you don’t let on you heard it here first.

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sun 14 Feb.


Lo-fi folky sounds from New England native Merrill Garbus.

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