The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours (4 stars)

The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours

(Chemikal Underground)

One of Glasgow label Chemikal Underground’s best-loved bands is resurrected, after a fashion, in The Unwinding Hours, the new project from Craig B and Iain Cook of Aereogramme. Where the pair’s old group were unafraid of being noisy, though, this is a delicate and really quite beautiful set.

Spectral guitar and piano ballads haunt the record, notably the comforting ‘Little One’, ‘Solstice’ and the slightly eerie ‘Child’, a hint of Depeche Mode’s Dave Hahan in its delicate, vengeful lyric. There are moments of unashamed pop (‘Peaceful Liquid Shell’) and songs which are unafraid to finally get loud (‘There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone’, the closing ‘The Final Hour’), adding up to an assured and excellent debut.

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