Errors - Come Down With Me (4 stars)

Errors - Come Down With Me

(Rock Action)

It’s been a while since a bunch of arty boys from Glasgow made one of the records of the year. But with their second offering Come Down With Me (a title in homage to the Channel 4 dining bitchfest), Errors have done exactly that. Gorgeously textured and layered to perfection, these ten mind-bendingly brilliant instrumental tracks appear to draw on everything from Homework-era Daft Punk and Mr Oizo house, to krautrock, glitchy electronica, punk funk and even the melancholy post-rock of their label founders Mogwai. Clever stuff then, yes, but it’s much less cluttered-sounding than some of those high-falutin’ influences at first appear.

You see, when deconstructed the Errors output is admittedly a complex one: crammed full of time-changes, sudden breakdowns, spoken word samples and huge surges of thundering drums and monstrous riffs. But from within the sonic maelstrom, the foursome tease out incredibly hummable melodies, and then play around with them to sublime effect. Synth and guitar lines soar, taking the place of where the vocals might be, and then snake off in a variety of directions, sometimes repeatedly within the same track. And it’s all so infectious that you feel you could actually sing along with the instruments – The List did, and it sounded ridiculous, but we’ll no doubt do it again when drunk.

Despite encouraging dodgy croonings from us, the Errors boys really should be damn proud of themselves. Six months in a bunker-like space in Glasgow affectionately named ‘The Freezer’ has led to this; their very own little masterpiece. One of many to come, we’re sure.

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