Hot Chip - One Life Stand (4 stars)

Hot Chip - One Life Stand


Electro-poppers Hot Chip have gone soft. Their fourth album, aptly released just in time for Valentine’s Day, is all about love and meeting that special someone (hence the punning title). It looks like the boys have grown up and are keen to spread their adorations, yet old-school fans shouldn’t despair – there are still synths and rhythms aplenty, particularly in ‘We Have Love’, while ‘Take It In’ looks set to become the ‘Over and Over’ of 2010 with its infectious beat and smooth lyrics. A romantic album with a difference, it maybe doesn’t break boundaries, but it still delivers.

Hot Chip and Disclosure

Quirky uber-danceable electronica and poignant electro ballads from the classy 'Over and Over' collective.

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