Jenny McCarthy has Jesus crush

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  • 27 January 2010
Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has Jesus crush

Model-and-actress Jenny McCarthy has admitted she has a crush on Jesus Christ because she loves his beard

Jenny McCarthy has a crush on Jesus.

The former Playboy model - who is currently in a relationship with actor Jim Carrey - believes Christ would be a good guy to date if he wasn't "dead".

Writing on twitter, Jenny said: "I'm looking at a picture of Jesus on the wall. I would have totally dated Jesus. Love that beard. Too bad he's dead."

When some followers on the micro-blogging website took offence to the suggestion that Jesus was not alive, she added: "OK, OK my friends. I know Jesus is not dead. I'm saying that the fact his body has 'risen from the dead' makes him un-datable."

Dating Jesus obviously stayed on Jenny's mind for some time, as she later tweeted: "Did they do circumcisions in Jesus days? (sic)"

It is not the first time that Jenny has made unusual postings on twitter.

She recently offered to perform a sex act on TV host Conan O'Brien following his final episode of 'The Tonight Show' on January 22.

She wrote: "I live next door to Conan. Maybe I should knock on his door and give him a big hug to make him feel better. Or at least a h**dj*b with lotion. (sic)"

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