Profile: Taz Buckfaster

Profile: Taz Buckfaster

Taz Buckfaster

Glaswegian dubstep rabble rouser.

Nice name, you can tell he’s from Glasgow but what does he sound like?
‘Various styles which float around the 140bpm mark,’ explains Buckfaster of his bass heavy productions. He started producing at the age of 17 and cites influences as diverse as Altern8, Skream, Slayer, Big Trouble In Little China, Rick James, Trojan Records and the Sega Megadrive so it’s no surprise that his productions are at the harder end of the dubstep spectrum, mixing heavy techno beats with crashing grime rhythms. ‘I’ve always had an eclectic taste – from classical to extreme metal, and most things in-between – never really buying much into the “Oh, all I listen to is this genre” thing. I just tend to go where my ears lead, which has brought me to where I am today.’

Where can I hear his tunes?
Taz can be found playing out round Glasgow, the rest of the UK and Europe with a date at Big’n’Bashy this fortnight. He’s also associated with Glasgow’s infamous Numbers collective and has releases on Rwina, Subway and Ramp.

What does he make of Glasgow’s dubstep and grime scene?
‘With regard to dubstep, it’s relatively small and intimate, and with regard to grime, practically non-existent. Things are on an up for good bass music in Glasgow and the promoters at Numbers and Fortified are really pushing this forward.’

So is Buckfaster looking forward to playing Big’n’Bashy this February?
‘Of course. I’ve not played in the ‘burgh for a couple of years, so it’s nice to be back.’ He warns us to watch out for: ‘Anthemic synth-squelching and plenty of low-end rumbles, not to mention a load of forthcoming exclusives.’

Big’n’Bashy at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sat 13 Feb.


Four deck mix of dubstep, reggae, grime, dancehall and jungle playing out over the Messenger Sound System.

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