Christine Tobin & Liam Noble revisit Carole King’s Tapestry

Christine Tobin & Liam Noble

Carole King’s 1971 album Tapestry is one of the most successful singer-songwriter albums ever made. It stayed on the US charts for six years after its release, and has sold over 15 million copies. Almost every track is regarded as a classic, whether in their original form or in celebrated covers like Aretha Franklin’s take on ‘Natural Woman’, King’s own favourite cover version.

It has not had a great deal of attention from jazz artists over the years, but two of the UK’s most original and inventive musicians, singer Christine Tobin and pianist Liam Noble, have embarked on a project to look again at the album from a jazz perspective.

In keeping with their own propensity for seeking out original avenues of exploration even when playing well established music, don’t expect Tapestry Rewoven to be a literal replication of the originals.

Tobin reckons that those originals were pretty much perfect in their own right anyway. Their intention in taking on this project was not to produce ‘carbon copies’ of the songs, but rather ‘to do something with them’, and make something fresh and surprising.

London performances last summer are now followed by this tour, and a CD is in the offing. Responses so far suggest they have managed to retain the perfect pop qualities of the songs while giving them a new twist. Judge for yourselves in this first opportunity to catch the project north of the border.

The Lot, Edinburgh, Sat 13 Feb; City Halls (Recital Room), Glasgow, Sun 14 Feb

Christine Tobin & Liam Noble: 'Tapestry' Unravelled

Unique reinterpretations of songs from Carole King's classic 1971 album, 'Tapestry', from vocalist Tobin and pianist Noble.

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