Yeasayer - Odd Blood (4 stars)

Yeasayer - Odd Blood


Now we’ve come to acquiesce – nay, love – the fact that the future sounds like the 80s, then let us embrace three vanguard globetrotters who ride a psychedelic tide of ultra-modern synth-pop nostalgia. Their name is Yeasayer.

Emerging from (and creatively outshining) the Brooklyn hipster contingent that counts Vampire Weekend and MGMT among its number, Yeasayer’s easy listening electro is nigh-on avant-garde.

Their second outing is incandescent with tropical frolics (‘O.N.E’, ‘Ambling Alp’, ‘Rome’), lambent balladry (‘Madder Red’, ‘I Remember’), and ballpark 80s anthems (‘Love Me Girl’). You’ll be pushed to hear a more ebullient record this year.


Over-14s show. Brooklyn-based psychedelic/gospel/alternative/indie/soul combo have moved their gig up to Oran Mor.

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