Puerto Muerto - Drumming for Pistols (3 stars)

Puerto Muerto - Drumming for Pistols


Since their ecstatically-titled debut album, Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore in 2001, the Chicago matrimonial duo of Tim Kelley and Christa Meyer have engendered a cult following thanks to a miscreant blend of alt-country, gothic-folk and swamp-rock that – on this occasion – nods to Bruno Stroszek, The Old Testament and ‘the fallacy of the American Dream’.

The record warms as it progresses, and ears are likely to follow suit. Although Puerto Muerto cite discernible influences like The Kinks, Kurt Weill and Nina Simone, their fruits bear stronger resemblance to Nick Cave’s creeping biblical elegies and PJ Harvey’s doom-parched blues.

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