Rambert Dance Company: The Comedy of Change

Rambert Dance Company


Some dance works make you think, some make you feel – and some rip through you like a tornado, lifting your spirits and blasting away all cares. A Linha Curva (a curved line) is one such piece. Created by Israeli-born, Holland-based choreographer Itzik Galili, the work is one of the most joyful pieces of dance Rambert has ever performed, and the perfect closing number for the company’s Comedy of Change tour.

The work started life in Brazil, performed by the Balét da Gdade de São Paolo – a company Galili describes as ‘rich in sensuality’. But when it came to teaching the piece to the dancers at Rambert, Galili had his concerns.

‘I was worried at first that the dancers wouldn’t be able to move in the right way,’ he says. ‘But they proved me wrong big time. They were very fast at learning the movement and I didn’t have to re-invent any of it, so I was very, very happy.’ One of the most striking aspects of the piece is the lighting design, for which Galili is also responsible. Having spent nine days creating the choreography, he then took a further 25 days perfecting the lights.

Audience reaction to the piece in London was unprecedented, with screams the like of which Sadler’s Wells had never seen before. Presumably Galili likes his audience to have a good time?

‘What I really want is for them to have some kind of emotional journey,’ he says. ‘I like to create waves of energy. My works are very different but in this case it’s very entertaining, pleasurable and full of joy.’

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Thu 11–Sat 13 Feb; Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Wed 17–Fri 19 Feb

Rambert Dance Company: The Comedy of Change

Britain's flagship contemporary dance company commemorates Charles Darwin year with 'The Comedy of Change', which is set to a specially-commissioned score by Julian Anderson with production design by Kader Attia, as well as two other new works.

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