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Name Peter Powers

Who’s he then? Dubbed as a ‘hipnotist’ and the ‘Ali G of stage hypnotism’, he has the ability (or, I suppose, power) to have a man standing about in women’s underwear or find a cure for the most acute of phobias. His TV work includes Celebrity Superpowers, The Power of One and The Street Hypnotist.

Curing phobias, eh? I’ll have some of that Among the people he’s saved have been telly’s Heather Suttie whose fear of heights was so extinguished that she was able to climb up the Glasgow Science Tower without screaming or soiling herself. Meanwhile, weather personage Gail Pirie had her arachnophobia shot to pieces when he looked into her eyes at Glasgow Zoo before sticking a tarantula called Rosie on her shoulder. Again no wailing or wetting.

Want to get involved? Course you don’t. But if you do, check out his website ( where an invitation is extended to take part in his next telly project. It’s in Australia, mind, but if you’re that way inclined …

Not to be confused with … The Peter Powers who once wrote a book entitled Touring Seattle by Bicycle.

(Brian Donaldson)

Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, Sat 7, 14 Jul.

Peter Powers

Hypnotist act from Powers, who has been called 'the Ali G of stage hypnosis'. The Friday night show is family-friendly, while Saturday's early show is more suitable for teens and older audiences. The late performance on Saturday is strictly over 18s only.

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