The Basement

The Soundhaus, Glasgow, Fri 6 Jul


Organic clubbing is alive and well in the form of the Basement, a night dedicated to house, electro and techno at the Soundhaus. The event literally started in a basement in the Southside of Glasgow and has grown into a club night to be reckoned with. As Alison Hood, promoter of the Basement, explains, ‘It started out as after parties in my basement but became so popular that we moved forward into club land. We were originally doing club nights for charity in the Universal but the nights became so popular, and the enthusiasm and vibe were so great, that we soon moved to the Soundhaus and became one of their busiest nights.’

The Basement has stayed true to its roots in that it is a place for local DJs to show their skills on the wheels of steel. It is very much a home-grown night and Hood is keen to keep that vibe. ‘What makes the Basement unique is the friendly, up-for-it party crowd and the regular themed nights which helps put the fun back into clubbing,’ she says. ‘Our emphasis is on “party”, and when people come for the first time they soon feel part of the family and want to come back.’ Each month is a different theme and to celebrate two years of keeping it real, the Basment’s second birthday bash features a circus theme. Hood says of this night of fun, ‘Feel free to come dressed as a clown or a showgirl or show your juggling ball skills.’

(Sandra Marron)

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