Mel Gibson won't marry

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  • 19 January 2010
Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson won't marry

Mel Gibson is happy in his relationship with Oksana Grigorieva but doesn't plan to marry her as she is busy focusing on parenting their three-month-old daughter Lucia

Mel Gibson won't marry Oksana Grigorieva.

The 'Edge of Darkness' star - who is in the process of divorcing wife Robyn - insists that although he is happy in his relationship with the Russian singer, they have no plans to walk down the aisle because she is so busy with their daughter Lucia, who was born in October.

He said: "Lucia, luckily, looks more like her mother than me and is an angel and the mother, turns out she's a wonderful mother. She'd make anyone a wonderful wife, but for the moment, she's a mother."

While Mel - who has seven children with Robyn - is full of praise for his family, he admits he hasn't been easy to live with in recent months because quitting smoking turned him into "an axe murderer".

He explained: "The first three days, you're an axe murderer. Day four, well, you might take a bat to someone. Day five? You're OK… It's really tough."

However, the actor is now seeing a positive side to giving up the deadly habit.

He explained: "I quit smoking and I lost five pounds. And you breathe. You breathe all the way out. Few people actually breathe all the way out. Hardly anyone. Hardly anyone ever gets a fresh lung full of air, because people forget to breathe all the way out."

The 54-year-old star also opened up about his struggles with alcoholism, saying he is now doing "very good" in his battle to stay sober.

He told US TV show 'Access Hollywood': "Sobriety's cool. I'll be coming up on four years soon. So that's not so bad. Walking the line."

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