Singles & downloads - Mon 18 Jan 2009

Singles & downloads - Mon 18 Jan 2009

Lightspeed Champion

It’s a new year and The List is feeling all aquiver. You see, our appetite has already been whetted by a whole host of new acts filling our ears with futuristic pioneering pop, so be warned: for this issue’s track reviews, derivative idiotmusic will NOT be tolerated.

Which means we can write off Lolene’s ‘Sexy People’ (Capitol) (no stars), ‘Fly Away’ (Kult Records) (no stars) by Cybersuta and Meretto's 'A Method Of Urban Survival’ (Rockpop) ● straight away. The first is some broad in dodgy aviators churning out the kind of hideous playschool dance tripe that makes N-Dubz sound like the Errors of their genre, Cybersuta is similarly sickly Kylie-lite proclaiming nonsense like ‘we can fly away / in the heavens we will stay’ and the latter tout dull as dishwater indie rock.

Things start to fare better with the ‘Little Miss Lynch Mob EP’ (unsigned) ●● by Glasgow-based riff merchants The Red Show and The Orison’s Pixies-esque ‘Chemo Rehash’ (unsigned) ●●, but it's not until The List wraps its listening gear around ‘Drop The Other’ (Ninja Tune) ●●● by Emika that we allow ourselves a little grin. Gorgeously dark and subtle: a beguiling mix of Tricky, Timbaland and The xx driven by sultry female vocals. Next, promising wee East Lothian rockers Red Ammo bang out a strong contender for top track in ‘Renegade’ (unsigned) ●●●, as do The Victorian English Gentlemens Club’s strop-pop ‘Bored In Belgium’ (This Is Fake DIY) ●●● and Miike Snow’s sumptuous electro offering ‘Silvia’ (Columbia) ●●●●.

And despite an altogether iffy start this issue, Single Of The Fortnight turns out to be a right toughie. The List has made no secret of our fangirl love for Biffy Clyro, and ‘Many Of Horror’ (14th Floor Records) ●●●● is up there with their best penned ballads. Swedish quintet Mixtapes & Cellmates have swapped the electronics for guitars on ‘Soon’ (Tangled Up!) ●●●● and are sounding woozily awesome, while newbies Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers tout lovely horn-tinged country music for fans of King Creosote and State Broadcasters with ‘Draw A Line’ (Electric Honey) ●●●●. But it's Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion who ultimately stands head and shoulders above the rest. ‘Marlene’ (Domino) ●●●●● is a punchy blend of soaring strings, smart lyrics and strutting guitars and is jam-packed full of utterly awe-inspiring ideas – win, win win.

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