How Cold My Toes

How Cold My Toes

The changing seasons can be a baffling concept for little ones. Sometimes it’s light at bedtime, sometimes it’s dark, not to mention alternating supplies of snow, rain, sunshine, falling leaves and budding flowers. When you’ve only encountered spring, summer, autumn and winter on a few occasions, they’re still ripe for exploration – which is why Travelling Light Theatre Company’s new show sounds just perfect for early years audiences.

Barely a word is uttered during How Cold My Toes, with the Bristol-based company preferring to use physical theatre, dance and a lively set to communicate their story. ‘The performers wear a different colour for each season,’ explains artistic producer Jude Merrill. ‘And green shoots come up in spring, in summer they eat ice creams, the leaves come down in autumn and in winter it snows woolly clothes which they build a snowman out of.’

For this venture, Travelling Light has teamed up with streetdance company Champloo, to give the show an unusual edge. ‘They were interested in pushing the boundaries of street dance and seeing what else it can do,’ says Merrill. ‘And we found that it has a very clear theatrical language, and some of the dance moves are very expressive. We’ve also got other forms of dance in there such as ballet and tango.’

Some, but not all of which the children will have seen before. ‘I think it’s important that small children see things which are both familiar and unfamiliar,’ says Merrill. ‘And that we create a rich mix of things which intrigue them and hold their attention.’

Old Sheriff Court, Glasgow, Thu 4 Feb and touring

How Cold My Toes

Award-winning children's theatre company Travelling Light presents a new production about the changing seasons, taking you from the bursting buds of spring to the shivery snowflakes of winter through dance, music and performance. Suitable for ages 2+.

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