Jon McGregor - Even the Dogs (3 stars)

Jon McGregor - Even the Dogs


On a cold, miserable day between Christmas and New Year, a dead junkie’s body is found in the cold, miserable flat which used to be the warm loving home where Robert and his wife raised their daughter Laura. But one day they left and his life went down the tubes, eventually dragging the child he once bathed lovingly into a life of addiction. As Robert’s body is discovered, removed and cremated, his tale is told through many eyes in a blizzard of recollection which flits between vivid descriptions of injecting heroin to the dangers inherent in living such a life.

Jon McGregor is now onto his third novel and has obvious technical abilities, but the problem here lies in the decision to go with multi narrators who appear to switch from page to page, sentence to sentence. It leaves the reader bewildered and losing sympathy for characters who are initially beautifully drawn but ultimately drowned out.

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