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David Pollock catches up with some of the big names heading another enviable line-up for the Slam Tent at this year's T in the Park

Now in its 11th year, the Slam Tent has been as much a fixture of T in the Park since it moved from Strathclyde Country Park to Balado as warm Tennent's in a paper cup and excitable sunburnt men with their tops off. This year's stellar line-up includes DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, The Wu-Tang Clan and Tiga. Here, The List canvasses the opinion of a few more big-name guests, including Slam themselves, Josh Wink, Hardfloor and Bookashade.

Have any of you enjoyed the view from the Slam Tent stage before?
Josh Wink I remember the exact date I last played the Slam Tent. It was 11 July 2004, and I hate that it's taken me three years to get back.
Bookashade We played T in the Park in 2005, the first UK festival we ever appeared at.
Slam This is the 11th year of the Slam Tent and we've done them all, naturally.

Scottish crowds are notoriously noisy, especially during the summer. How are you going to make sure they give you a warm welcome?
Slam We're just going to play out of our skin for them, as ever.
Josh Wink Well they know I like my Buckfast, so that'll make things easier (laughs).
Bookashade Being unfamiliar with festival crowds, especially Scottish ones, we were nervous when we went on stage at T last time. From the second track on we heard the crowd shouting at us. We thought, 'Oh god, they don't like us, they want us off stage.' But then we realised they were just chanting like crazy, 'Here we, here we, here we fucking go,' and realised they actually loved it. I guess that happens to everyone the first time they hear that, huh?

What does your set involve? Do you have anything special planned for it; a big visual extravaganza, special guests?
Hardfloor It's a live show with the real acid equipment. No computers used. We'll also have 25 naked dancing playmates on stage and huge fireworks after the show because that's what house music is all about, right?
Josh Wink No computers, no visuals, no dancers, no guests, just pure live music. I don't usually figure out what I'm going to play until I get to the venue, but I like to get there early and vibe off the crowd: that helps me get into things.
Bookashade We always bring a lot of equipment, plus we have visuals which run in sync with the music. They look even better on the big screens they have at festivals.
Slam It's a full live set from us this year. We have a new album just out, so it makes sense.

Are you just at the festival for the duration of your set, or will you be hanging out for the weekend? Are there other acts on the bill you'd like to see?
Slam We'll be there all night Sunday after we play. We want to catch Hardfloor, Dave Clarke and Felix da Housecat.
Hardfloor I don't know the full line-up yet, but Josh Wink told me he's playing so I'll definitely hang about to see him.
Josh Wink I love to see bands and other DJs, but having to travel all the time means you don't always get the luxury of hanging around with friends in the sun and listening to good music. I'm at Montreaux Jazz Festival on the Friday, the AntiWorld Festival in London on Saturday, and Sunday's T - bring it on! And thanks for having me back, by the way.

Josh Wink, Bookashade, Slam and Hardfloor all appear in Slam Tent, T in the Park, Kinross, Sat 7 & Sun 8 Jul

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