Comics - World War Hulk No.1 (3 stars)


World War Hulk No.1 (Marvel)


Any follower of Marvel’s output over the last year might have found themselves growing tired of the almost relentless, ashen-faced politicking of Mark Millar’s ubiquitous Civil War crossover. In which case, this return to the company’s regular continuity for the Hulk should get old-school fans very excited.

Back from exile on a distant planet and intent on smashing - as he’s so fond of doing - a bunch of fellow ‘heroes’, including Iron Man and The Fantastic Four’s Mister Fantastic, this first in a five-part crossover saga is essentially an excuse for a muscle-bound revenge caper with added extra-terrestrials. Precisely none of which will matter to any comic reader who doesn’t aspire to the upper levels of geekdom, although Romita Jr’s typically kinetic and exciting artwork means that the plentiful action sequences are played out to fantastic visual effect.

(David Pollock)

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