Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse

O2 ABC, Glasgow Thu 10 December

The stage in Glasgow already looks slightly overcrowded with a vast array of instruments including a large viola and two drum kits, even before a 6–strong Modest Mouse emerge. Lead singer Isaac Brock is clearly a passionate musician, but seems reluctant to take on the frontman role, instead tackling the limelight almost shoulder-to-shoulder with his band mates and positioning himself at the far right of the stage. Interaction with the crowd is kept to a minimum, briefly pausing only to compliment the quality of cough syrup he has discovered in Scotland.

Similar to their early albums, the live set consists mainly of mid tempo numbers with prolonged and admirable instrumentals making full use of the diverse equipment on stage. The biggest fan reaction comes from the 2004 hit ‘Float On’ which gets most of the sold out crowd singing along and stamping to the heavy bassline. The biggest asset on display has to be Brocks vocals, quirky as ever and shifting seamlessly from growling to subdued – tonight with many thanks to the quality of Scotland’s cough syrup.


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