Four Tet - There is Love in You (4 stars)

Four Tet - There is Love in You


Thank you, Kieran Hebden, for the giddy homage to Jean-Michel Jarre.

There is Love In You is Hebden’s fifth long-player under the quixotic Four Tet designate (he’s also an erstwhile member of post-rockers Fridge, an improv ally of beat-master Steve Reid, and a one-time cohort of dubstep sear Burial). It’s a mind-enlivening, dance-floor enlightening, congenitally melodic hybrid of folk, electronica, free-jazz, techno, hip hop and – less expected – heavenly vocals: particularly on the celestial ‘Angel Echoes’ and ‘Love Cry’.

The literally-entitled ‘Circling’, meanwhile, is vertiginous and brilliant: its gyroscopic electro refracts – and redeems – Jarre’s synth-orgy ‘Oxygene IV’. Hebden, it seems, performs miracles too.

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