Asere - Junio Groove (4 stars)

Asere - Junio Groove


A thrilling disc from the Cuban group Asere, fruitfully moving on from recent work with the celebrated percussionist/producer Billy Cobham. Taking Cuba’s classic son music by the scruff, they re-earth it, filling it with sensuous pleasure as with their tribute to its origins in Oriente with serenading vocals, terrific piano, guitars and trumpet.

Their famous contemporary edge comes through in the irresistable rumba ‘Yo Nací En Un Solar’ (I Was Born In A Solar) celebrating growing up in common patios in Havana’s marginal neighbourhoods. With Moorish and flamenco edges for ‘Harissa’ and ‘Sonamos Flamenco’ this ‘must have’ disc provides a good way to heat up your winter.

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