Eternals (3 stars)


Eternals (Marvel)


Neil Gaiman, the world’s most populist cult writer, flexes his comic muscles to update the story of Marvel’s Eternals. Originally outed in 1976 by Jack Kirby, the race of superhumans are immortal-ish, god-like creatures with human characteristics who have taken on the task of protecting Earth. Not at all like The Endless then.

With a little jigging and poking of their powers and identities from their various runs over the years, Gaiman gets his characters up to speed with current events in the Marvel universe and ready to play along with future storylines. With plenty of backstory and retconning, there’s a wealth of ground to cover - heavenly and hellish hordes, dodgy alter egos (Ikaris = Ike Harris) and how exactly the Eternals differ from every other extant superhero - but Gaiman is practised. The depth and humanity he lends, plus the jewel-like colourings contributed by John Romita Jr, whet the appetite for what will be done with these characters next.

(Suzanne Black)

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