Henry Rollins (4 stars)

Henry Rollins

Glasgow O2 Academy, Wednesday, Wed 13 Jan

It’s quite some achievement to be at the point where people will pay to listen to you talk for two and a half hours, and the magnitude of such an accomplishment is evident tonight as Henry Rollins takes centre stage in front of a loyal and packed-out Academy crowd. Just one year shy of 50, former vocalist for LA punk legends, Black Flag and a general hardened multi-tasker – the man is an author, actor, broadcaster and rock n’ roll raconteur to name just a few trades – Rollins leaps towards the mic stand and just lets rip, maintaining a consistent and intense tempo for the duration. From awkward sexual stirrings in the company of transvestites to a sense of harrowing bewilderment in Cambodia’s killing fields, Rollins mixes travel stories, life lessons and jaw-achingly funny social and personal commentary into a rampaging yet balanced block of intense speech. Neither a stand-up show nor a lecture, Rollins manages, with great ease, to keep the audience hanging on his every word, taking in the tough times as well as his many lighter moments.

An Evening With Henry Rollins

  • 4 stars

Confessional comedy and spoken word from this iron-pumping legend of Black Flag fame.

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