The Plastiscines - About Love (3 stars)

The Plastiscines - About Love

(Nylon Records)

The fact they came together at a Libertines concert in Paris tells you a lot about this ‘super-extra-hot’ (as frothed over by NME) all-girl French quartet, but then so do the revelations that their producer has worked with Katy Perry and their track ‘Bitch’ has already found its way into Gossip Girl. So don’t let the grungey image fool you: this lot are more The Saturdays than The Distillers.

Except that and they’re pretty good fun, though. The opening ‘I Could Rob You’ paints them as four little Warriorettes primed for violence, and from there it’s all back-alley sass (‘Bitch’) and jet-setting name checks (‘Barcelona’, ‘Coney Island’). Plus ‘Pas Avec Toi’ is entirely in French. Predictable but hook-filled, and not entirely dislikeable.

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