Wolfmother (4 stars)


O2 Academy, Glasgow, Thu 14 Jan

Psychedelic rockers The Black Angels kick off proceedings with their shambolic, Tesco-value take on ‘The Velvet Underground’. Still, their lack of anything remotely resembling talent only makes the wait for tonight’s headline act all the more tantalising. But can Wolfmother deliver, following on from a recent change in line-up, and the deliverance of that infamous difficult second album? Well, if the raucous reception tonight is anything to go by, the Aussie rockers most certainly can.

Riding on the wave of new album Cosmic Egg – the first featuring the all new line-up, bombastic lead vocalist Andrew Stockdale instantly launches his aural assault on the crazed fans. Not ones for talking, the rockers spend the whole set pummelling their way through a decent selection of inimitable rock tunes from both records. About as subtle as a smack in the face, the new release has taken all the band’s previous rock and 70s influences, and turned the notch up another bar.

This is proper head-banging, fists-pumping-the-air stuff, reminiscent of rock’n’roll bands long gone, and a clear indication that Wolfmother are back. And better than ever before.


Wolfmother and Turbogeist

Curly-haired rock'n'roll from Oz who rock like it's 1971.


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