Beach House - Teen Dream (2 stars)

Beach House - Teen Dream

Bella Union

This third album from the Baltimore dream-pop duo is billed as a more immediate platter than previous output, and while that’s certainly true, there remains a certain obscurity and lack of personality that makes it, well, a tad wishy-washy. Reverb-soaked wispy organs and chiming guitars abound as Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally stumble through a breathy pop landscape familiar to fans of Galaxie 500 and Mazzy Star, but they never seem to stamp their sound with enough charisma to make any of their melodies stick in the mind. Pleasant on the ears while it’s on, but instantly forgettable afterwards.


1. clarisse14 Jan 2010, 2:25am5 stars Beach House - Teen Dream Report

i am totally bemused by your review. having heard a lot of hype via grizzly bear, subpop and bella union, the reviews online, i thought was it going to live up to the hoohaa. oh my god. its certainly one of the best records of the year already doug. i cannae believe your comments. very weird. the songs totally stick and dont leave! norway which is on every time i turn 6music on is so infectious and i love Zebra too. i will be buying it the moment it comes in. spotify is ok like but not like the real thing!

2. brak nemyr22 Jan 2010, 2:19pm5 stars Beach House - Teen Dream Report

This review appears to have be done without listening to the album. Quite amazing Doug. You make no reference to any song titles and your tired comparisons with Mazzy Star and Galaxie 500 seem to be recycled from a few other reviews for the first and second album. this is really poor journalism.

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