Erland and The Carnival - Erland and the Carnival (4 stars)

Erland and The Carnival - Erland and the Carnival

(Full Time Hobby/Static Caravan)

Despite nary a bushy beard nor deftly plucked acoustic guitar having impacted on the making of this debut album by Orcadian Erland Cooper, it inconspicuously embraces the folk custom of reworking ancient songs to suit the times.
Traditionals from around Britain are torn up, spliced with elements from literary and musical sources and re-imagined completely, as mini psych-pop opuses. Validating the project somewhat is chief collaborator Simon Tong – ex of The Verve and The Good The Bad and The Queen.

The 13th Floor Elevators and The Doors are invoked in shades, but the wobbliness of the organ sounds and generally carnivalesque spirit of this weird and very rewarding album makes Wirral caners The Coral a better contemporary reference point.

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