Chris Kent - Medusa (3 stars)

Chris Kent - Medusa

(Graphite Fiction)

Borders-based artist and writer Chris Kent has produced a strong piece of complex work for his debut comics project. Using collage, photo and painted art Medusa has a unique look for a haunting tale of lose and longing. Following the story of Corporal Elliot Ford who returns from Iraq after learning his daughter has gone missing. He then embarks on a poignant journey through his own guilt and a twisting landscape of confused memories and time frames (mixed with a subtle dash of Greek mythology) as he attempts to find her.

Visually strong, the black and white art captures a humanity in this nightmarish tale. Medusa is never less than intriguing, however at times it becomes confused by its own serpentine timeline and is perhaps not quite as satisfying in conclusion as Kent has envisioned, however we still eagerly look forward to any further projects (available at

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