Blushing beach babe Kelly Osbourne

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  • 12 January 2010
Kelly Osbourne

Blushing beach babe Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has revealed she hated it seeing herself photographed in a bikini last week, because she always feels self-conscious in skimpy swimwear

Kelly Osbourne hates wearing bikinis.

The 25-year-old star got super-fit while competing on US TV talent show 'Dancing with the Stars', on which she came third, but although she lost a lot of weight training for the programme she still isn't keen on slipping into swimwear on the beach.

Kelly - who was photographed last week in a blue bikini - said: "Although I'm still in good shape from doing 'Dancing with the Stars' I'm not entirely comfortable being photographed in my swimwear."

Kelly - who was on a family holiday at the Kahala Resort in Hawaii when she was snapped - admits she was upset the paparazzi managed to find her and fiance Luke Worrall on a private beach.

She revealed in Closer magazine: "Our hotel has a private beach, when means paparazzi can't get in. But somehow they managed to swim to some rocks to take pictures of me and my family hanging out. I was expecting to put on weight after the show, but I've actually lost a few more pounds. I think my metabolism is just faster now."

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