Killswitch Engage (4 stars)

Killswitch Engage

Joshua Lowe -

02 Academy, Glasgow, Fri 27 Nov

‘This is the Taste Of Chaos tour, not the Taste Of Tampons tour’, says Killswitch Engage guitarist and general oddball Adam Dutkiewicz, before requesting that the now pungently perspired crowd pogo up and down and side to side again once more.

They’re here from the States tonight to rally their troops and to front the annual Taste Of Chaos tour, ably supported by the likes of the inimitable Every Time I Die. They come on stage to the Benny Hill theme, each member resplendent in mock tuxedo t-shirts (Dutkiewicz sporting a black cape too) before necksnapping into the slithering ‘My Curse’. The metal fever doesn’t stop there; the entire floor opens into a gaping vortex before ‘Rose Of Sharyn’ encourages the crowd to engage in a grand wall of death manoeuvre. Thankfully, no deaths were reported.

Raging metal aside, there’s a lot of joviality on stage too. Master crooner Howard Jones enjoys a constant grin, engineered by Dutkiewicz’s antics and the crowd’s amorous enthusiasm too. For all the naysayers, tonight showed that metal can be fun. Who needs chaos when you can have camaraderie?

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