Clive Owen's upsetting persona

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  • 11 January 2010
Clive Owen

Clive Owen's upsetting persona

Clive Owen doesn't mind upsetting people

The 'The Boys Are Back' star, who plays a grieving father in his latest role, said he believes people should know him for his acting and not his personality.

He said: "I'm always at my most comfortable when I'm confusing people.

"It's more important to me that the audience believes in the character than that I'm likeable or charming. I never worry about upsetting people."

The 45-year-old actor also claimed playing Joe Warr in 'The Boys Are Back' is a welcome change for him.

He revealed: "I knew this was going to be completely different from anything I'd done before. For starters, there was the little one, which I knew would bring out something new in me."

Clive also suggested working with six-year-old Nicholas McAnulty was tough at times as he was unpredictable.

He told The Sunday Times: "I could arrive on set with whatever thoughts and feelings I had about a scene, but everything depended on what this six-year-old was coming at me with.

"I don't think I'm particularly good at improvising. I'm much better if you give me great lines."

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