St Peter’s on endangered list

  • The List
  • 19 June 2007


St Peter’s seminary in Cardross, the subject of an exhaustive List campaign after the Archdiocese of Glasgow allowed it to fall into ruin, has been placed on the World Monuments Fund list of the world's most endangered buildings. Gillespie, Kidd and Coia architects, Isi Metzstein and Andy McMillan completed the imposing concrete structure in 1966. Despite winning the RIBA architecture award, the seminary closed in 1980 and is now virtually derelict. Yet, the building continued to haunt and fascinate, even inspiring filmmaker Murray Grigor and artist Toby Paterson to create work around it. Campaigners, who had consistently warned that the building would be lost unless action was taken, have now been rewarded for their efforts as The World Monuments Fund has recognised St Peter’s as one of the most important modernist buildings of the last century.


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