Flesh and Heatherette (4 stars)

Flesh and Heatherette

Stereo, Glasgow and Pollock Ex Servicemen’s Club, Glasgow, Sat 5 Dec 2009

Take two women, both self-styled but very different pop constructs who recently announced themselves to the world after serving apprenticeships fronting equally apposite but similarly knowing bands. Put them on the same night at opposite ends of town, and a very special ladies-excuse-me ensues.

Flesh are the Creeping Bent Organisation-backed electro-jitter-funk quartet designed for the twelve-inch disco-biscuit Studio 54 set and fronted by former Kingfishers chanteuse Sharon Martin, last heard doing a version of Vic Godard heartbreaker, ‘Make Me Sad.’ Opening early for Godard as part of Creeping Bent’s fifteenth anniversary shindig, Flesh are brash, bright as a button that says play and wear their 1980s iconography on their dressed-up sleeves as they embrace the moment when the New Pop revolution shoulda subverted the mainstream.

Meanwhile, late night at La Roche Rumba’s southside Saturday social, Heatherette’s solo debut sees the former lead live-wire with ramshackle all-grrl Edinburgh troupe The Gussets stripping things down to a more primal Gene Vincent/Suicide-A-Go-Go vibe. She may be backed by drums and gee-tar twang, but, as with Flesh, it’s the machine noises off that provides pulse enough for Heatherette to bump n’ grind like the wigged-out sonic-age vaudeville diva she is. Watch out world. Here come the girls. Again.


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