5 Reasons to Go See Dave Fulton

1 Unlike every second comic you hear about these days, he’s actually not Australian But you’d know that as soon as he opened his mouth. An opinionated, long scraggy-haired guy from Seattle is a more accurate description of him.

2 Has his friends in all the right places Rich Hall and Mike Wilmot have shared stages with him down the years and he was asked onto Newsnight to present a feature in which he implored the British to celebrate their own culture instead of simply apeing America.

3 Has his enemies in all the right places I didn’t know that the News of the World reviewed comedy, but it seems they must do as their opinion of Fulton is that he is ‘not very likeable, even when funny.’ Which may be how he feels about them.

4 He’s the outdoor type You wouldn’t want to go around and stereotype stand-ups, but most of them probably feel at home in a room with some strangers and a spotlight shining on their funny face. Fulton, meanwhile, lists his goals as ‘heliboarding, Himalayas, climbing any big wall, Antarctica, open water sailing and building my own house.’ Most comics I know would have trouble finding their own house.

5 Not to be confused with Rikki Fulton, the late, great Scottish entertainer or Rick Fulton, the still alive tabloid showbiz writer.

The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 21 Sep.

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