Shy actress Sigourney Weaver

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  • 3 January 2010
Sigourney Weaver

Shy actress Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver, 60, says she has only just managed to feel comfortable within the film industry, but Hollywood still leaves her uneasy

Sigourney Weaver was too shy for Hollywood.

The 60-year-old actress - who stars as Dr. Grace Augustine in the new 3-D animated blockbuster 'Avatar' - still feels uncomfortable in the film industry but refuses to let her feelings get in the way of her career.

She said: "It took me a while to let my hair down in the business because I was kind of a shy person. I was from New York and never really felt at ease in Hollywood. I don't really now either but I don't care, it's not important that I do. Filmmakers find me or I find them."

The 'Alien' star also admitted that her shyness caused her to accept any role she was offered, and that's been her same approach ever since.

She said: "That's why I love playing small parts and big parts and doing comedies and dramas. That has been my only strategy. I just think about what would be interesting.

"I don't have ambitions, I believe in taking what comes. I have that philosophy about life in general. I go in and try to transform it into the best it can be."

The actress said the most important thing for her was always the script, not the people she'd star with.

She said: "My basic approach has always been the same. I never go, 'I don't know about this script but boy I'd love to play that part.' "

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