Kian Egan's fashion advice for wife

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  • 3 January 2010

Kian Egan's fashion advice for wife

Westlife star Kian Egan is managing wife Jodi Albert's new band and has promised to keep an eye on what the group wear as he wants them to have a ''classy'' image

Kian Egan is "controlling" of his wife's wardrobe.

The Westlife singer is managing a new group formed by Jodi Albert and has pledged to make the girls cover up to promote a "classy" image.

He said: "I'll certainly be very controlling of their image because I think a lot of girl bands now are way too tarted up. If you look at Girls Aloud's last tour, it's too oversexed.

"Jodi's is more of a classic catwalk Gucci look. That's the sort of sexiness I want to achieve with them."

Jodi's band are currently in the recording studio and Kian hasn't ruled out inviting them to showcase their material on the next Westlife tour.

He added to Cosmopolitan magazine: "If they're ready to do it and the boys agree, I'd love it. But it's still early days for them.

"It'd be difficult in a way as she's going to have to be with her band, whereas if she comes to see Westlife on tour, she stays with me."

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