Jon McLure's UK anger

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  • 2 January 2010
Jon McLure

Jon McLure's UK anger

Reverend and the Makers star Jon McLure is considering moving out of Britain because he is so frustrated with political apathy

Jon McLure wants to quit Britain because he is tired of political apathy.

The Reverend and the Makers frontman despairs at the state of the nation and has urged people to look at European systems and take more of an interest in current affairs.

He said: "I'd move out of the UK. Go to France or Holland or somewhere. They're not without their problems, but there's more tolerance. I don't like the idea we live in a society where people have no idea what the reality is.

"John Lennon said it, religion, sex and TV, and he's right. They've got people so doped up on bulls**t. Page after page after page is written about celebrities but a tiny amount about a tsunami that killed thousands of people.

"Britain is the most f**ked. It upsets me, it really does. You go to Holland or Belgium and France, they have a healthy society, they'll have a discussion and talk about things, whereas in Britain, nobody cares. You get people saying 'I don't care, or 'I don't know anything about it.'"

The rocker believes the UK is in more political and economic trouble than people realise but now thinks it is too late to halt the downturn.

He added: "Britain stands less chance than anyone else in the world. We're the furthest down the line in terms of f**ked up-ness, owing to the apathy of the people. In France they demonstrate in the streets, in Italy, they demonstrate, they're f***ked but they'll do something about it. Britain, we just keep getting f**ked up the a*s and taking it, every single time."

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