Florence Welch's Christmas menagerie

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  • 24 December 2009
Florence Welch

Florence Welch's Christmas menagerie

Florence Welch is desperate for a pet for Christmas, whether it be a dachshund dog or a goat

Florence Welch wants a dachshund dog for Christmas.

The 'Rabbit Heart' singer said she wouldn't mind if someone surprised her with a tiny pup on Christmas Day (25.12.09) - although she is unsure whether other people would be as thrilled with the gift as her.

She said: "If someone were expecting a box of chocolates and you gave them a pet Alsatian, they might be upset. I wouldn't mind if someone gave me a dachshund."

Dogs are not the only type of four-legged animal the flame-haired singer would like to find under her Christmas tree.

She said: "I like those Oxfam goat gift vouchers. I remember one year my dad got everyone goats. It would've been cool if we'd actually got the goats, but I suppose so long as someone gets a goat, it's ok."

Florence would also be touched if someone gave her the wrapped-up head of one of her arch-enemies.

She explained: "If it were the head of your nemesis on a plate that might be quite fetching. But, probably unless it's an arch-enemy that's best avoided."

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