Our instinctive desire to hit things that make a noise is evident from an early age. For the sake of our parents’ sanity, most of us grow out of it. But fortunately, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas never quite managed to shake that desire off.

Almost 20 years after they first unleashed their bash-and-bang spectacular, Stomp, the duo has pretty much conquered the world. Over 14 million people in 43 countries have surrendered their eardrums to the show, and now an updated version of Stomp is heading to Edinburgh to win over a new legion of fans.

The basic premise is painfully simple – take a heap of junk and hit it hard, and often. Yet Cresswell, McNicholas and the rest of the original Stompers have ploughed a huge amount of diverse material into the show. Not only is their capacity to turn everyday objects (bin lids, plastic bags, lighters, rubber tubes) into percussion instruments remarkable, but Stomp’s tight ensemble moments, wild choreography and well-timed humour make for a major theatrical event for all ages.

To date, the show has won far too many awards to list here, and enjoyed ticket sales most theatres can only dream about. But perhaps most impressive of all, is the fact that since the show’s humble origins in Brighton in 1991, Stomp has gone through 40,000 brooms. Maybe it’s time they bought a Dyson.

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Tue 12–Sun 17 Jan

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