Anguish With Posie

Anguish With Posie

Fans of spoken word night DiScomBoBuLate will be no stranger to Ian Macpherson’s ability to wax lyrical. A creative powerhouse for writers, actors, comics and directors, the night helped provide the inspiration for Macpherson’s upcoming play, Anguish with Posie.

A comedian by trade, Macpherson was inspired by the literary prowess of his fellow performers to write his latest foray into the world of drama. ‘I come from a real writer/stand-up comedian background and suddenly I was working alongside people that were achieving great things in theatre, so that set in motion a cross-fertilisation,’ he says. ‘I was talking to playwright Iain Heggie and he suggested maybe we ought to work together, so he’s directing it. It’s been lovely to see the idea come together.’

Exploring the mysterious relationship between a young woman and an older man, in whose flat she takes a job, Anguish with Posie is, as Macpherson puts it, about ‘something unresolved’ between the two protagonists. He is reluctant to give too much more away about the plot for fear of spoiling its various twists and turns for the paying public.

Macpherson has previously helmed one-man shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including The Chair at the Assembly Rooms and The Joy of Death at the Pleasance. ‘I’m a comedian first but really wanted to try something a bit different with this,’ he says. ‘I suppose you could call it a fragile comedy or a tragic comedy.’

If he’s nervous about writing and starring in his first dramatic play, he happily shrugs it off, claiming he has experienced far worse than any Glasgow audience could throw at him. ‘I used to do stand-up gigs at London’s Tunnel,’ he remembers with a wry chortle.

‘It was the comedian’s graveyard. If I’d gone into the ring with Mike Tyson I’d have had a better time, so whatever happens with this, it can only be better than that.’

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 19–Sat 23 Jan

Anguish With Posie

Ian Macpherson examines the relationship between an older man, younger woman and the changes she brings about in his life.

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