Way to Blue - Songs of Nick Drake

Way to Blue - Songs of Nick Drake

A quarter of a century since his untimely death, Nick Drake’s poignant, haunting acoustics leave an enduring legacy, cited by Coldplay, Kate Bush and Paul Weller among others as a major influence. This special tribute concert, brings together Vashti Bunyan (pictured), Stuart Murdoch and others to celebrate one of the 20th century’s most profoundly influential singer-songwriters.

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Wed 20 Jan, part of Celtic Connections.

Way to Blue: Songs of Nick Drake

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Nick Drake is one of the most influential and universally praised artists of the 20th century, which could have something to do with the tantalisingly small volume of music created in his musical career, cut short as it was by his tragic death at the age of 26. Twenty-five years later, this concert, curated by his…

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