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  • 6 January 2010
Profile: Wire

Twilight Sad

Multi-genre club night that welcomes a different Scottish band to DJ each month all under the watchful gaze of Craig Jamieson (Modern Lovers).

So what’s the music policy?
‘It doesn’t really have a music policy, it is after all Scotland’s most eclectic soundclash,’ laughs Jamieson. ‘The concept of starting the club in the first place was as a mechanism of reflecting Scottish musical talent. The guest DJs are encouraged to play what they want to play, to surprise, be quirky and do something as individualistic as they possibly can.’

Why musicians on the decks rather than DJs?
‘Scottish music is good because it’s managed to absorb such musical diversity in the first place, having people from bands in doing the guest DJ sets is a perfect way to reflect Scottish musical DNA, the diversity of musical influences that go into the Scottish musical talent, the bands, that we have.’

How does it differ from Modern Lovers?
‘Modern Lovers is essentially my passion for retro music. Wire is a contemporary night that reflects contemporary musical talent and bands that are about just now and what they are up to. It’s plugged into Scottish cultural activity at this moment, as it happens. We get bands playing but in the future I’d like artists, writers and poets to come down and do guest slots as I like the idea that Wire is plugged into a broader Scottish cultural dynamic.’

Sounds good to us, what has it got planned for January?
Having featured DJ sets from the likes of Frightened Rabbit, 1990s and Dananananaykroyd, Wire kicks off its 2010 with special guests Twilight Sad – and features a return visit from Glasgow electro quartet Errors in February for a special album launch party.

Wire at Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sat 16 Jan.


Discotronic pop, art punk and electronica party from Craig Jamieson (Modern Lovers) with a guest DJ set from Twilight Sad.

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