Teenage Lust

Teenage Lust

‘The way I see it,’ says Teenage Lust promoter Richard Scott, ‘if you’re going out clubbing, you’re generally stuck with three options. You either go to an indie night, where you’re going to hear that Smiths song four times and meet a lot of assholes. You go to a dance club, where everything’s just a bit too separate (in terms of genre). Or you’re into cheesy pop, so people who are into indie and dance automatically look down on you. We wanted our music policy to incorporate all three.’

It’s a formula that has already met with success in Aberdeen, where Scott started Teenage Lust and promotes it infrequently with his friend Blair Swanson. For this monthly residency in Glasgow, though, he runs the show with his bandmates in acclaimed young indie-rock group Copy Haho; that’s Joe Hearty, Rikki Will and Stuart Mcintosh. Despite this alternative career, though, Teenage Lust is a bit of fun for mates, rather than a tool to promote the band.

‘The two are nothing to do with each other,’ says Scott. ‘In fact, I’d be quite happy to not associate them at all.’

No can do, we’re afraid. But what we can do instead is let Scott tell us exactly what we should expect from such a wide-ranging evening. ‘I want to go to a night where I can listen to Slayer then dance to Fleetwood Mac,’ he says, ‘or hear some new punk band from the States and then “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel. Most people have eclectic music tastes, but not many clubs cater for that fact. If we could make people feel like they’re at a wedding reception, that would be great.’

Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Thu 14 Jan

Teenage Lust

A mutant disco of wedding standards, 80s and 90s indie and American punk from the Aberdonian night, now relocated to Glasgow.

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