Five health books

Five health books

Susan Hepburn

Subtitled ‘Lose Weight, Feel Fabulous the Stress-Free Way’ this claims to help reprogramme your mind into making the right choices about grub. Should you care, Lily Allen is an advocate. Piatkus.

Paul McKenna
I Can Make You Thin

He can do anything, this guy. Bantam.

Jorge Cruise
The Belly Fat Cure

This one is snappily subtitled ‘No Dieting with the new Sugar/Carb Approved Foods’ and aims to help you (yes, you) lose 13 pounds in a mere ten days. Hay House.

Stephanie Mclellan & Beth Hamilton
So Stressed

The inevitable subtitle here is ‘A Plan for Managing Women’s Stress to Restore Health, Joy and Peace of Mind’ as a pair of gynaecologists pool half a century’s experience together to suggest ways of defusing stress. Simon & Schuster.

Alison Scott-Wright
The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan

If Santa left some of his work to the stork this Yuletide, this could be the book to get you to change your world and get some proper kip. Bantam.

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