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  • 18 June 2007


The best exhibitions

Hanneline Visnes Visnes’ continues to blur the line between nature and culture by creating compositions that demonstrate that the natural world is a construct, invented by culture in hindsight. The large decorative canvases on show stage repeated figurative elements, birds and beasts taken from photographic sources and woven into abstract picture planes that are reminiscent of wallpaper designs. See review. Doggerfisher, Edinburgh, until Sat 7 Jul.

Cunningham and Cage: No Fixed Points Drawings and paintings by the composer John Cage (1912-1992) and his partner, the choreographer and dancer Merce Cunningham, take over Inverleith house in an exhibition curated by chance. Work by both artists will be removed and installed throughout the running of the show, creating a collage of two very different aesthetics. Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, until Sun 8 Jul.

Irational.org An exhibition by a group of six international net and media artists who worked on the server irrational.org, founded by Bunting in 1996. The artists’ early work parodied the mid-to-late 90s internet hype, and now create humorous works that ‘interrogate and overcome economic, political and social boundaries in real space’. review. CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 21 Jul.

The Scottish Show A selection of inspirational designs by 34 designers based in Scotland. The exhibition fills the entire gallery space with works ranging from knitting patterns to plasticine souvenirs. Highlights include hairstyles captured on film by Leigh Ferguson, a non-denominational public space for contemplation by Hill, Jophson and Robb, and Autumn/Winter fashion by Olanic. See review. The Lighthouse, Glasgow, until Sun 12 Aug.

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