The Scottish Show (4 stars)

The Lighthouse, Glasgow, until Sun 12 Aug

As part of the Six Cities Design Festival, The Scottish Show at Glasgow's Lighthouse presents an exhibition of design talent that covers almost every wall and floor of the previously underused gallery, from the ground floor foyer to sixth floor viewing platform, taking in the toilets and the stairwells on the way.

Exhibits range from an enormous letter 'G' - a fusion of interior, exhibition and graphic design work by Graven Images - to intricate jewellery designs by Marianne Anderson that explore reflection, order and disorder. But, while there is such a wide range of objects and ideas on display, the curators have managed to give the exhibition a homely feel, with cushions, chairs, benches, and lampshades filling up most of the space. Everything presented manages to be useable and inspirational.

Some of the highlights include Alex Milton's 'My Souvenir' (tables and seating designed by Paul Kerlaff), where gallery visitors can sit and play with plasticine, creating their own temporary souvenir of Glasgow. Hill, Jophson and Robb's 3D visualisation of a 'Temple For All' also aspires to be all-inclusive and interactive. The proposed 21 metre-high spliced conical sculpture, opens up to the elements, and provides a smooth, cool cave-like space for visitors to occupy. Leigh Ferguson's 'Before and After Portraits' is a humorous video projection of a selection of ten minute makeovers, where hairstyles are tweaked and smiles are raised as a bevy of styled beauties from Glasgow's streets enter and exit the frame.

(Alexander Kennedy)

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