Group Show:

CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 21 Jul

For those who struggle in vain to avoid the omnipresence of rectilinear electronic information boxes, at the CCA may not be for you. This loose collection of media artists came together in 1996, to create work that responded to the dotcom revolution of the mid-late 90s, making web-based work that parodied the boom in e-commerce and the ensuing neo-capitalist euphoria. A cursory tour around their website ( could leave you with the impression that the site is a collection of self indulgent blogs, but click quick and randomly on some of the hyperlinks and you'll find out what they are all about.

Heath Bunting's page - one of the six artists exhibiting at the CCA, including Daniel Garcia Andujar, Technologies to the People, Rachel Baker, Kayle Brandon, Minerva Cuevas, Mejor Vida Corporation and Marcus Valentine - contains a collection of links that show what he's been up to since 1990. In his hyperbolic biographical statement he proudly states that his 'self taught and authentically independent work has never been bought or sold.'

A dark seam of humour runs through most of the information on display, culminating in the collective's most recent work, which has now popped out of the computer screen to contaminate everyday reality with a sense of hyper or un-reality. Minerva Cuevas' site sells bit and bobs to make life easier in a world overloaded with information and terrorists. As part of the Mejor Vida Corporation (Better Life Corporation) you can buy her 'Safety Pills' (to protect yourself from danger on the subway) and 'Barcode Stickers' (to make fruit and vegetables cheaper). The work on display will focus on these 'real life' objects, products that 'interrogate and overcome economic, political, and social boundaries in real space, producing a great deal of comic relief, among other things'. Hopefully there won't be a rectilinear information box in sight.

(Alexander Kennedy)

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