Pecha Kucha

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  • 17 December 2009
Pecha Kucha

We always like something a bit different, especially if it doesn’t come covered in tinsel, at this time of year, and Edinburgh’s 6th Pecha Kucha night fits the bill just dandily. The Japanese term ‘Pecha Kucha’ roughly translates as ‘chit-chat’, but it’s become synonymous with a certain type of rapid-paced Power Point presentation, in which a succession of invited guests show 20 slides for 20 seconds each, and discuss (pretty speedily) why they selected each image. It’s usually done by creative types (it was set up by an American architect living in Japan) and the upcoming night, at the ever excellent Inspace, is no exception: writer and journalist Vicky Allan, photographer Jannica Honey and artist Shaeron Averbuch are all probably preparing their fast-tallking slideshows as we type. Basically: lots of little ideas, delivered quickly and visually, leaving you with a lot to think about. Great night. Tickets from

Inspace, Edinburgh, Thu 17 Dec, 7.30pm.

Pecha Kucha Edinburgh V7-for Haiti

The Japanese term 'Pecha Kucha' roughly translates as 'chit-chat'. In this event a succession of invited guests show 20 slides for 20 seconds each. In a special reach out to Haiti, each of the 276 cities that host Pecha Kucha events are taking part in a global presentation starting in Tokyo and travelling eastward, all…

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